The history of Jagannath Temple Kolkata dates back to 1967 when a paper photograph of the Lord was worshiped by the labors of Kolkata Port and Dock. The present temple of Lord Jagannath at Kolkata was built during 2000-2002. The temple and its associate organizations have served as a source of spiritual and cultural ties between people of all religion; rich or poor.


The temple is situated at East Yard Gorasthan, CPT Compund, Khidderpore, Kolkata-23, which is five minutes walking distance on the road opposite to 36 no. Tram Depot at Khidderpore.


How to reach:

From Howrah:    12C, 12A, 7C Howrah-Metiaburz Mini, Batanagar Mini, Ballykhal-Khidderpore Mini

From Esplane:    12B, 241, 36 no. Tram and above mentioned bus

             Length: 13 ft. 10 inchs
             Height: 37 ft.
             Width: 15 ft. 8 inchs

             Height: 15ft.
             Radius: 3 ft.

             1. Ganesh, 2. Saraswati, 3. Hanuman
             4. Bimala, 5. Laxmi, 6. Shiva


Length: 15 ft. 2 inchs

Height: 26 ft. 10 inchs.

Width: 24 ft. 5 inchs


Bhoga Mandira

Length: 10 ft. 1 inch

Height: 26 ft. 4 inch

Width: 13 ft. 11 inchs



Sri Jagannath: 3 ft. 7 inchs

Sri Balavadra: 3 ft. 8 inchs

Devi Subhadra: 3 ft. 1 inchs


Magala Temple is situated just near by. Prasad shop, Kitchen, Temple office, Library, Utkala office etc. are situated inside the temple premises.

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